On Earth Day: A Focus on “All of the Above”

April 22, 2014

House GOP Continues to Champion “All of the Above” Energy Strategy to Help Consumers, Grow the Economy, and Aide our Global Allies

As Americans across the country celebrate Earth Day and the abundant resources we sometimes take for granted, House Republicans continue to champion an “all of the above” energy strategy that provides safe, affordable, and reliable energy for American families and businesses from coast to coast.

Despite the Obama administration proclaiming to support “all of the above,” recent actions reveal a policy that is more aligned with “nothing-from-below.” From last week’s decision to again delay the Keystone XL pipeline, to dragging out the approval process of LNG exports, to the continued decline in energy production on federal lands, the Obama administration has been hostile to affordable American energy, and consumers and our economy have suffered.

But a choice between jobs and the environment is simply a false one, and House Republicans have a true “all of the above” energy plan that all Americans can support. Our visionary plan seeks to harness all of our rich energy resources in a safe and environmentally responsible way for the maximum benefit of our economy and consumers.

We are promoting American energy production and encouraging America’s manufacturing renaissance by supporting policies that strike the appropriate regulatory balance. We are continuing to fight for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline because not only is it in the national interest for jobs, the economy, and our energy security, but it is also is the national interest for the environment. The president’s own State Department concluded that alternative methods to ship the oil sands would have greater environmental impacts. We are working to strengthen North America’s energy infrastructure and facilitate new pipelines for clean-burning natural gas. We are showing leadership in energy diplomacy by working to ensure LNG exports to our allies are no longer subject to needless delays. And we are advancing commonsense solutions to foster innovation and the development of new technologies that allow for more efficient ways of utilizing energy.

It’s a matter of jobs, lower costs to consumers, and providing global leadership to our allies. All done by focusing on a truly “all of the above” energy strategy and continuing to be a worldwide leader in the safety of producing this energy. This Earth Day, let’s focus on the positives of American energy abundance and how we can continue on our path to American energy independence in a safe, reliable, and efficient way.

To learn more about the House GOP energy plans, and how the Energy and Commerce committee is focused on these important issues, check out our Powering the Future page.