THE MATH DOESN’T ADD UP: Fact Checkers Bust President’s Questionable Keystone Jobs Numbers

August 2, 2013

During the president’s recent barnstorm across the country in the administration’s attempt to pivot back to jobs and the economy, the president adopted a curious theme at his various rallies –discount and dismiss a jobs project that boasts broad support from Republicans, Democrats, unions, and job creators. As the administration continues to level attacks against its political opponents for pursuing “phony” scandals, the president was caught pushing phony jobs numbers in attacking the landmark Keystone pipeline and its $7 billion in private investment. Over the past week, leading fact checkers have undercut the president’s claims that the Keystone XL pipeline would only create 2,000 jobs when his own State Department found the project would support over 42,000 jobs.

Politifact gave the president’s comments a rating of “false” and explained, “The White House provided no supporting evidence and the administration’s own State Department predicted that while the pipeline would produce few permanent jobs, the construction process itself would create nearly twice as many jobs as the president said.”

The Washington Post Fact Check gave the president “Two Pinocchios” for his flawed figures, stating, “But the president shouldn’t pick and choose how he cites job-creation numbers. Perhaps he is tipping his hand on what he secretly thinks of the Keystone XL by citing a low-ball figure, generated by the pipeline’s opponents, but he should stick to using the official government estimate."

The Associated Press was the most recent publication to dissect the president’s miniature job creation number, and said, “It's not clear where Obama came up with the 2,000-jobs figure.”

In an attempt to divert attention away from his failure to come up with a workable jobs plan, the president has resorted to attacking private sector jobs. In the meantime, House Republicans will keep fighting for these real American jobs.

For perspective on just how many jobs Keystone XL will support: