@Sebelius’ Unanswered Questions

December 10, 2013

Answers Were Scarce During Sebelius’ October 30 Appearance – Subcommittee Wants to Hear #WhatsNext TOMORROW

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius last testified at the House Energy and Commerce Committee on October 30 to provide insight into what she characterized as the “debacle” of the rollout of the health care law. Unfortunately, many of the committee’s pressing questions went unanswered. The law’s failures have only grown since then, plaguing the American people with cancellation notices, limited provider networks, and rising costs on the horizon. Members of the Health Subcommittee look forward to hearing from the secretary tomorrow about what’s next for this law’s broken promises.

Below is a list of outstanding questions the secretary declined to answer at the October 30 hearing.

  1. How much has the administration spent on the health care exchanges?
  2. Who made the decision to provide cost estimates for only 27-year-old and 50-year-old consumers?
  3. Who made the decision to not allow “window shopping” on HealthCare.gov?
  4. Did insurance companies ever recommend a delay of the start of open enrollment?
  5. How many people have enrolled in a plan on HealthCare.gov?
  6. Has end-to-end security testing occurred on HealthCare.gov?
  7. Was a review board with CGI and CMS officials ever created, as was requested by CGI in an October 11, 2013, presentation?
  8. Did each of the contractors provide the product that they were hired to build?
  9. Do you approve of advertising campaigns such as the “brosurance” campaign being used in Colorado?
  10. Will you enroll in the exchange?

The Health Subcommittee looks forward to Secretary Sebelius providing #ObamacareAnswers tomorrow.