“Coal Keeps the Lights On”

July 25, 2013

America’s Got Talent… and Coal

During today’s House floor debate on Rep. McKinley’s (R-WV) bill to preserve recycling and beneficial reuse of coal ash, Environment and the Economy Subcommittee Chairman John Shimkus (R-IL) referenced America’s Got Talent contestant Jimmy Rose. Rose is a 32-year-old former coal miner and Iraq War veteran from Kentucky. During his debut on the program earlier this month, he sang an original song titled “Coal Keeps the Lights On.” The song puts a face to the president’s “war on coal” and is what Rep. Shimkus called “an impassioned ballad for areas of our country that feel left behind and attacked by this administration.”

Click HERE to Watch Rep. Shimkus urge his colleagues to support coal miners like Jimmy Rose. 

Click HERE to watch Jimmy Rose sing his original song “Coal Keeps the Lights On.” 

House Republicans continue to fight for coal miners like Jimmy Rose and thousands of others in coal mining communities across the country that depend on coal for their livelihoods. As West Virginia’s WSAZ NewsChannel 3 reported on the impact the “war on coal” has on communities,  “When the work underground stops, everything above pays the price.”

Earlier today, the House approved H.R. 2218, a bill that would stop EPA from imposing costly regulations on coal ash that would threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs and drive up electricity costs. Next week, the House will consider H.R. 1582, the Energy Consumers Relief Act, which will rein in EPA’s overreach and block expensive new regulations from moving forward if they are found to adversely impact jobs and the economy. EPA’s power sector rules are estimated to have already contributed to the announced shutdown of 288 power plant units across 32 states, and the Obama administration’s plans for regulations on new and existing power plants are expected to be so costly and unworkable that they could essentially make coal-fired power generation in America extinct. As Rep. Shimkus stated, it’s time to “stand up for coal because coal keeps the lights on.”