ICYMI: Shale Gas Boom to Support up to 1.5 Million Jobs by 2015

June 13, 2012

Natural gas production currently supports 1 million American jobs could support up to 1.5 million jobs by 2015 according to a new study released today by IHS Global Insight. This new employment analysis complements the firm’s December report on the economic impacts of U.S. shale gas production.

Natural gas production remains a bright spot in our struggling economy, and today’s new numbers affirm the economic promise of this thriving industry. While the study found shale gas contributed to substantial job growth in gas-producing states, it also identified a dramatic impact on employment in non-producing states.  In fact, nearly one-fifth of the study’s projected 1.5 million jobs will come from non-producing states where workers support gas production activities.  According to the report’s lead author, "When it comes to unconventional natural gas, a state does not need to have a gas play to benefit economically."

President Obama has publicly embraced natural gas production, but his policies run counter to his pro-shale statements. He likes to tout that natural gas production has increased during his presidency, but shale gas production on federal lands actually decreased 14 percent from 2010-2011. America is experiencing today’s natural gas renaissance largely because the states have been allowed to properly regulate production methods without interference from the federal government. In recent months, the Obama administration has issued a series of new rules regulating natural gas production that could threaten the growth and success of this vital industry.

Job creation remains House Republicans’ top priority, which is why an important energy priority is to ensure the natural gas industry realizes its economic potential. Next week, the House will vote on a series of bills under the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act to help cut through the Obama administration’s red tape that is preventing important energy production and job creation opportunities.

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Abundant natural gas production from shale and other unconventional source plays is expected to generate almost 1.5 million U.S. jobs by 2015, according to a new report by IHS CERA, a business analysis firm.

"The Economic and Employment Contributions of Unconventional Gas Development in State Economies” study showed that Texas leads the nation for job creation in this sector, with 288,222 direct and indirect jobs created in 2010 as a result of the shale boom. …

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A process called "unconventional natural gas extraction" — most notably fracking — could lead to another 10,000 Michigan jobs by 2015 and 35,000 by 2035, according to a study released Wednesday by IHS Global Insight.

The study was commissioned by America's Natural Gas Alliance.

Michigan, which ranked 10th highest among states for fracking jobs in 2010, employs about 28,000 in direct or spinoff jobs related to the gas industry. …