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Three years ago, President Obama signed into law health care reforms that have changed the landscape of our nation's health care industry. Since the law's passage, the Energy and Commerce Committee has conducted ongoing oversight to educate the country on how the law impacts patients, providers, the economy, taxpayers, and states. Information about the law, including reports on rising health premiums and the effect on jobs and the economy, paint a picture of health care anxiety in which individuals, employers, and state leaders are grappling with the uncertainty and costs of the law. At the same time, the key promises that were used to justify the mandates, taxes, and regulations contained in the law have been proven false time and again.

Read below to learn more about the troubling reality of the health care law's #BrokenPromises.

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Press Release: From Coast to Coast, Health Care Law Continues to Fail American People (7/22/14)

Op-Ed: Pitts: Still Broken (7/21/14)

Press Release: Health Subcommittee Address Obamacare Eligibility Inconsistencies - HealthCare.Gov Still Incomplete (7/16/14)

Press Release: #TBT: "If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period." (7/12/14)

Press Release: #TBT Last Year's Fourth of July Obamacare Suprises (7/3/14)

Press Release: President Obama: Mission Accomplished, Rep. Burgess: Not Quite, Mr. President (7/2/14)

Press Release: Behind the Numbers: The Price of Obamacare's #BrokenPromises to Soar (6/18/14)

Press Release: Subcommittee Examines President's Broken Promise of "If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor." (6/12/14)

Press Release: #BrokenPromises Continue to Define the President's Health Care Law (6/11/14)

Press Release: New Obamacare Report's Ominous Predictions: Future Holds More #BrokenPromises, Cancelled Plans, and #RateShock (5/28/14)

Press Release: Future of Health Care Law Holds More #BrokenPromises (5/7/14)

News: Fox News: Insurance Providers Confirm President's Repeated Promise to Lower Premiums for Americans Will Not Hold True (5/8/14)

Press Release: Obamacare Does Not Equal Access to the Care Patients May Want (5/13/14)

Op-Ed: Rep. Marsha Blackburn in Investor's Business Daily: The President's Broken ObamaCare Promises: Time To Repeal (5/16/13)

Report: The Looming Premium Rate Shock (5/13/13)

Fact Sheet: The Reality of Obamacare (3/20/13)

Fact Sheet: Obamacare's Broken Promises (3/20/13)

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Press Release: Reports Confirm Harsh #RateShock Realities - Premiums Have ALREADY Skyrocketed and Continue to Rise (7/31/14)

Press Release: Obamacare's Technology "Glitches" Leave Customers Without Care (7/8/14)

Press Release: Upton: "The reports underscores the perils of the administration's incompetence, the reckless rollout, and the systematic disregard for taxpayer dollars." (7/1/14)

News: Washington Post: Older Women Bear the Brunt of Higher Insurance Costs Under Obamacare (6/24/14)

Press Release: House, Senate Leaders Press Administration on Backlog of Medicaid Applications due to Challenges (5/22/14)

Letter: Committee Leaders Seek Documents, Briefing Regarding Inaccurate Health Care Subsidy Payments (5/19/14)

Report: Joint Committee Report Details the Price Young Adults and Middle Class Will Pay for Obamacare's Broken Promises (3/5/13)

Letter: Committee Leaders Seek More Information on FDA Regulation of Smartphones, Tablets and Apps (3/4/13)

Exam Room: If It Sounds Too Good to be True...Obamacare Premium Shock May Lead Administration to Reach Beyond Legal Authority (1/15/13)

Hearing: Flashback: Obama and HHS Secretary Need to Get Their Story Straight on Medicare Cuts (9/21/12)

Exam Room: As Obamacare Mandates Kick In, Insurance Premiums Spike and Three States See 20 Percent Increases (2/14/12)

Exam Room: Medicare Manipulation (2/3/12)

Hearing: It Depends on the Meaning of the Word "Rationing" (7/13/11)

Exam Room: Obamacare Imposes New Tax on Over-the-Counter Medication  (4/15/11)

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Exam Room: On Eve of Law's 3rd Anniversary, Committee Releases Report on "Obamacare vs. Jobs" (3/22/13)

Exam Room: Latest Federal Reserve Report Acknowledges Health Care Law Slows Hiring and Consumer Spending, Increases Costs (3/7/13)

Report: Committees Launch Obamacare Burden Tracker (2/6/13)

Exam Room: A Look at the Democrats Health Care Law. (6/27/12)

Hearing: Foster: Win/Win to Drop Coverage (3/30/11)

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Press Release: Administration Still "Mum" On Key HealthCare.Gov Questions (8/8/14)

Press Release: Nonpartisan GAO Faults Administration's Poor Management for Failures (7/30/14)

Press Release: "The Kick-the-Can Approach to Obamacare" Underscores Need For Continued Oversight Efforts (6/17/14)

Press Release: Ten Unanswered Obamacare Questions (5/19/14)

News: Fox News: Rep. Morgan Griffith Demands Transparency From the Administration on Health Care Premiums (5/14/14)

Press Release: Cause for Hollywood Celebration? (5/2/14)

Legislation: Obama Administration Prioritizes Millions of Dollars for Pickleball, Massage Therapy, Zumba, and Free Pet Neutering Over Helping Cancer Patients and Vulnerable Americans (4/24/13)

Hearing: Subcommittee Continues Obamacare Oversight as Law's Deadlines Loom (4/24/13)

Letter: Amid Administration's Missed Deadlines and Delays, Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee to Examine Progress of Obamacare Implementation on April 24 (4/10/13)

Letter: Committee Leaders Continue Obamacare Transparency Probe (9/20/12)

Letters: White House Transparency (8/8/12)

Report: Committee Report Reveals Great Fallacy of Obama White House Transparency (7/31/12)

Exam Room: Independent HHS Watchdog Echose Committee's Concerns that Obamacare Grants Violate Anti-Lobbying Statues (7/11/12)

Video: Comparing Obama's "Heady Idealism" to Secret Deals and Adverstising Agreements Behind Obamacare (6/18/12)

Report: Emails Show White House Helped Create Third-Party Adverstising Initiative Behind Health Care Law, Had Close Involvement in Messaging and Advocay of Outside Interests (6/8/12)

Video: Obamacare Secret Deals and Broken Promises (5/23/12)

Exam Room: Obamacare Funnels Taxpayer Dollars to Grant Program that Funds Pet Neutering, Bike Club, and Lobbying Efforts to Increase Taxes (5/2/12)

Report: Investigation Update: Committee Continues Inquiry Into the Development of Obamacare (4/17/12)

Exam Room: Selectively Shielded from Obamacare (1/6/12)

Hearing: CBO Director Elmendorf: We are Least Certain About Everything (4/6/11)

Report: Buried in the Health Care Law's Nearly 2,900 Pages: A Bailout for State Governments, Fortune 500 Companies, and Hollywood Unions (3/23/11)

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Press Release: HHS Ignores Rule of Law to Transfer Billions of Dollars to Insurers Through PPACA Risk Corridor Program (6/19/14)

Letter: Upton, Session Press HHS for Answers on 'Unlawful' Risk Corridor Payments (6/10/14)

Press Release: New Documents Indicate Obamacare Applications Have At Least 4 Million Errors As Backend Systems Remain Incomplete (6/4/14)

Letter: Continuing Rigorous Oversight of Obamacare, Committee Leaders Seek Answers on $54 Million to Fund New Law's "Navigators" (4/12/13)

Letter: Upton, Grassley Seek HHS Answers on Questionable Grants for Health Care Exchanges (9/28/12)

Letter: Committee Examines Waste and Potential Illegal Use of Taxpayer Dollars (8/13/12)

Exam Room: Pay More, Get Less (7/24/12)

Exam Room: Rising Costs Could Double Federal Health Care Spending and Push Debt to 200 Percent of GDP by 2037 (6/5/12)

Exam Room: ICYMI: Washington Post: Health-Care Law Will Add $340 Billion to Deficit, New Study Finds (4/10/12)

Exam Room: Federal Government's Health Care Spending Continues Rapid Increase, Shifting Costs to Taxpayers (1/9/12)

Hearing: The $64,000 Question (6/22/11)

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Press Release: Sunshine State's Gloomy Obamacare Forecast: #RateShock (8/5/14)

Press Release: Walden on Cover Oregon Debacle: "Taxpayers deserve answers, and those in charge...need to be held accountable." (6/23/14)

Press Release: Seniors in Massachusetts Brace for Next Wave of Health Care Law's #BrokenPromises (6/8/14)

Letter: Commitee Leaders Press Administration for Information Regarding Failed State Health Care Exchanges (6/2/14)

Press Release: Higher Premiums Loom for Ohio and South Carolina Residents (5/30/14)

Report: The Medicaid Check Up: Reasons for Reform (3/18/13)

Exam Room: A Case Study in Uncertainty (11/16/12)

Letter: Upton, Pitts Once Again Call on HHS to Answer Outstanding Questions on Obamacare Rules (8/23/12)

Exam Room: HHS Releases Taxpayer Funded Propaganda, Ignores States' Questions (9/14/12)

Letter: Committee Leaders Push CMS on Failure to Outline States Exchange and Medicaid Rules (8/20/12)

Letter: Upton, Hatch Echo Governors' Concerns about Unreliable Funding for Medicaid Expansion (7/18/12)

Report: Medicaid Expansion in Health Law to Cost States $118 Billion Through 2013 (3/1/11)

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Press Release: Upton, Pitts Applaud Supreme Court Decision to Defend Religious Freedom (6/30/14)

Statement: Upton Applauds Court Decision to Halt HHS Mandate (8/27/12)

Exam Room: Obamacare Mandate Could Mean Steep Fines for Employers who Freely Exercise Their Religion (2/28/12)

Exam Room: Fact Check: Who Supports the Conscience "Accommodation"?  (2/17/12)

Exam Room: Voices for Religious Freedom (2/10/12)

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