Examining Options to Combat Health Care Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 10:00am
2123 Rayburn
Background Documents and Information: 

Each year, the Medicare program loses tens of billions of dollars to fraud and abuse. With estimates predicting the Medicare program set to go bankrupt as soon as 2017, much more needs to be done to ensure that our seniors’ health care dollars are protected. The purpose of this hearing will be to assess current anti-fraud measures employed by CMS and explore potential new approaches to address these substantial and ongoing threats.

Hearing Notice

Background Memo

Ms. Kathleen M. King
Director, Health Care
Government Accountability Office
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)
Mr. Dan Olson
Director of Fraud Prevention
Health Information Designs
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)
Ms. Alanna Lavelle
Director Investigations, East Region/Special Investigations Unit
Mr. Louis Saccoccio
Chief Executive Officer
National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)
Mr. Neville Pattinson
Senior Vice President Government Affairs, Standards and Business Development,
Gemalto, Inc.
on behalf of the Secure ID Coalition
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)
Mr. Michael Terzich
Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing
Dr. Kevin Fu
Associate Professor of Computer
Science and Engineering
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)