E&C Analysis

E&C Analysis contains staff reports, memos, and other documents prepared for members by committee staff. This will include investigative reports, legislative analysis, and committee documents that pertain to issues before, or fall under the jurisdiction of, the Energy and Commerce Committee.

The Exam Room

The Exam Room is the Energy and Commerce Committee’s checkup on America’s health care system. This includes diagnostic reports on Medicare, Medicaid, public health, private insurance, and other critical issues. In the Exam Room, you will also find House Republicans taking on the tough issues and offering solutions.

Powering the Future

Powering the Future offers a detailed look at our nation’s energy challenges and the solutions proposed by the Energy and Commerce Committee. House Republicans support an all-of-the-above approach to increase the availability of affordable energy, reduce dependence on volatile regions of the world, and create American jobs.

The Idea Lab

The Idea Lab is home to original content authored by members of the Energy and Commerce Committee, bringing news and ideas from multiple venues to a central location. You will find columns, op-eds, and other opinion pieces penned by our members on issues within the jurisdiction of the Energy and Commerce Committee.