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March 22, 2013 | Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – On the eve of the health care law’s third anniversary, the House Energy and Commerce Committee today released a staff report entitled “Obamacare vs.

March 20, 2013 | Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Nearly three years ago, on March 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law health care reforms that have changed the landscape of our nation's health care system.

March 18, 2013 | Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Ahead of the Health Subcommittee’s hearing today on “Saving Seniors and Our Most Vulnerable from an Entitlement Crisis,” the Energy and Commerce Committee released a staff report that outlines the state of the Medicaid program today.

March 1, 2013 | Issue Post

WASHINGTON, DC – At a Health Subcommittee hearing this week, Rep. Michael C. Burgess, M.D.

February 26, 2013 | ICYMI

Opponents of the health care law have long been concerned with Obamacare raiding $716 billion from Medicare to fund the law’s new entitlement programs.