President Should Approve Keystone XL to Kick off “Year of Action”


President Renews Promise to do “Whatever it Takes” to Create Jobs as Keystone Clock Ticks On

During his weekly address President Obama promised, “This will be a year of action. I’ll keep doing everything I can to create new jobs and new opportunities for American families – with Congress, on my own, and with everyone willing to play their part.” The president made a similar New Year’s Resolution in 2012 when he promised to do “whatever it takes” to move the economy forward. It’s now been 737 days since the president made that promise to the American people, but we have yet to see him deliver, especially when it comes to approving the landmark Keystone XL jobs and energy project. Two years later, the American people are still asking, “Where are the jobs?

To make 2014 truly a “year of action,” approving the Keystone XL pipeline should be at the top of the president’s list. This shovel-ready infrastructure and jobs project is now in its sixth year of regulatory review, with 1942 days now passing since TransCanada originally applied to build the pipeline. The State Department estimates Keystone XL will support over 40,000 U.S. jobs, which is why the project has won the support of leading labor unions. Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle support building the project, along with the majority of the American people. Green-lighting the pipeline as part of an all-of-the-above energy plan is a simple action the president can take to create immediate jobs, but so far, we have seen nothing but inaction and hollow resolutions from the White House.

In the face of the administration’s delays, the House has taken action and voted a total seven times to advance construction of the job-creating pipeline. It’s time for the president to step up and follow through on his promises. Will the president keep his resolution and make 2014 a year of action? Will this finally be the year we see the Keystone XL pipeline approved? President Obama promised to do “everything I can to create new jobs.” Saying “yes” to Keystone and its jobs and reliable energy supply would be a good start.