Three Questions for President Obama As Concerns Rise Over Health Law


Many questions remain with just 52 days until the health care law’s open enrollment begins. President Obama’s press conference this afternoon presents an opportunity to address some of outstanding questions:

QUESTION: As a matter of fairness, will the administration give the public relief after having unilaterally revised the law for corporate interests and Congress?

Implementation of the massive health law has been defined by rising costs, uncertainty, missed deadlines, delays, administrative waivers, and rewriting of the law. The administration has disregarded the legislative process as well as the concerns millions of Americans have about the looming premium rate shock. The administration attempted to hide its mandate delay bombshell during the July 4th fireworks, but the House quickly stood up for fairness and jobs passing the Authority for Mandate Delay Act to delay Obamacare’s mandate on businesses and the Fairness for American Families Act to delay the individual mandate and provide relief to millions of Americans.

QUESTION: Will Americans’ sensitive health information be secure on October 1?

Just this week we learned that the administration is “months behind” in testing the security of the health law’s data hubs, yet continue to characterize implementation as “on track.” The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General recently added its voice to the chorus of concerns sounding the alarm on the administration’s readiness for the October 1, 2013, enrollment. Reuters reports, “The federal government is months behind in testing data security for the main pillar of Obamacare: allowing Americans to buy health insurance on state exchanges due to open by October 1.” Translation: the data hub, where Americans’ personal health and financial information will be stored, will not be deemed secure until one day before enrollment begins, a process that was supposed to be completed in early June.

QUESTION: Does the administration still deny that American businesses have frozen hiring full-time workers because of the health care law?

Despite the daily influx of news regarding businesses, local school boards, and municipalities cutting back on hiring, the White House has stubbornly denied the disastrous effects of the health law. The law’s onerous mandates and red tape have spurred a hiring freeze and the nation is enduring a marked shift to a part-time economy. Even the president’s hometown Chicago Tribune lamented that the law “will give companies – and surprisingly, their workers – a big incentive to embrace more part-time employment.”



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