When the Going Gets Tough, the Obama Administration Turns to Hollywood


As America Lurches to Part-Time Economy, Administration Turns to Hollywood, Corporate Allies

As the president attempts to pivot (again) to economic growth and job creation, the New York Times reports that, “Few things are more important to the White House this year than a successful health care rollout on Oct. 1, when millions of uninsured Americans will be required to obtain private health coverage in government-run marketplaces.” Unfortunately for the president (and for struggling Americans), his commitment to the health care law stands squarely in the way of growth.

The Washington Post adds its coverage of the growing list of Americans being forced into part-time employment as employers struggle to make ends meet with the skyrocketing costs of health care. Wednesday’s Post reports, “For Kevin Pace, the president’s health care law could have meant better health insurance. Instead, it produced a pay cut…The impact on Pace and thousands of other workers in Virginia is an unintended consequence of the health law, which, as the most sweeping new social program in decades, is beginning to reshape aspects of American life.”

It’s no wonder that average Americans have yet to embrace the massive new law. National Journal reports that “The share of Americans who believe that President Obama’s health care plan will ‘make things better’ for the middle class, their own families, and the country overall has tumbled sharply since last September.”

After hemorrhaging the support of leading unions and moderate Democrats, the White House called in its Hollywood allies for some personal face time with the president on Monday. According to NPR, “The goal of the meeting, which featured a drop-by from President Obama himself, was to share ways to get Hollywood’s help in reaching out to a younger demographic to sign up for health insurance starting this fall.”

Meanwhile, a Flint, Michigan, ABC affiliate reports that “College students at one Mid-Michigan school who work more than 25 hours a week will take a big pay cut beginning next year. Central Michigan University says to meet requirements under the federal health care reform law, students cannot exceed that workload.”

Translation: With October 1 quickly approaching, the administration is turning to folks who will never have to worry about the looming rate shock and asking them to convince younger Americans to deal with the costs. This comes just one week after the administration put its business allies first while leaving individual Americans to bear the full weight of the law. Folks in middle America deserve better.



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