Fact Sheets

November 15, 2015 | Fact Sheet
H.R. 2583, the FCC Process Reform Act of 2015 is bipartisan legislation to require the FCC to make certain changes to its rules within one year, with the goal of improving agency processes and making the commission more transparent, efficient, and accountable.
October 26, 2015 | Fact Sheet
Protecting Jobs and Affordable Energy: Congressional Review Act Resolutions Will Fight Administration’s Cap and Trade Assault The House and Senate have introduced resolutions under the Congressional Review Act to disapprove of two final rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for new and existing power plants.  The resolutions:
October 2, 2015 | Fact Sheet
H.R. 702: Bipartisan Bill to #LiftTheBan That Will Help Promote National Security and Energy Security Authored by Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) BACKGROUND – H.R. 702, To adapt to changing crude oil market conditions
August 4, 2015 | Fact Sheet
The Architecture of Abundance Summary of Energy and Power Committee Print Title I – Modernizing and Protecting Infrastructure Promotes Natural Gas Pipeline Development:
July 27, 2015 | Fact Sheet
“Woodcock said that drug-resistant infections have reached the level of a ‘societal crisis’ and that the bill would help spur the development of treatments for patients who might die of their infections otherwise.
July 20, 2015 | Fact Sheet
The Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation Act, authored by Rep. David McKinley (R-WV), provides for the safe management and disposal of coal ash in a manner that preserves jobs and encourages recycling. The recycling and beneficial use of coal ash materials keeps utility costs low, provides for low-cost durable construction materials like concrete and roofing materials, and reduces waste. Estimates project this legislation will protect approximately 316,000 jobs.