January 23, 2014 | ICYMI
Health Law’s Uncertainty And Disastrous Rollout Raises More Concerns About Future of Health Care in America Upton: “Moody’s latest downgrade is further evidence that the president’s health law is not the right prescription for reform.”
January 17, 2014 | ICYMI
Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee To Hear From Target, Law Enforcement Officials First Week of February
January 16, 2014 | ICYMI
At today’s House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing on the health law, a top Obama administration official admitted that the payment features for HealthCare.gov are still not built.
January 13, 2014 | ICYMI
Calling for Senate Consideration of Bipartisan Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act House Passed Bill to Boost Transparency and Consumer Protections By Veto Proof Margin Last Friday
January 7, 2014 | ICYMI
As Administration Runs From Enrollment Numbers, House Schedules Vote to Demand Transparency