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OPINION: Editorial Boards Across the Country Lining Up In Support of the Keystone XL Pipeline


It has been over 1,700 days since TransCanada first submitted its application on September 19, 2008, to the U.S. State Department to construct the Keystone XL pipeline and nearly four months since Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman approved the proposed reroute of the pipeline through the Cornhusker state. Despite the State Department confirming the pipeline’s safety in its Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on March 1, 2013, the delays continue. Newspaper editorial boards representing communities across the country have voiced support for the pipeline and are urging the president to finally approve this vital jobs and energy security project. This week, the House will vote on the Northern Route Approval Act, H.R. 3, which was modeled after legislation that was necessary to achieve construction of the game-changing Trans Alaskan Pipeline forty years ago. H.R. 3 will finally put an end to the delays and allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline to commence.

“That we should develop oil and gas resources with appropriate environmental controls is obvious, as is the long-term need to diversify our energy production portfolio. But the approval of the Keystone pipeline is not ultimately a hard decision on its merits.”Our Views: Build pipeline from Canada, February 26, 2013

“Canada will either sell its tar sands crude to the United States via safe pipeline or ship it to China. This is a no-brainer, and the president needs to realize that as soon as possible.”Keystone pipeline needs no more delays, January 23, 2013

“(T)he latest environmental impact statement confirms there’s no substantial environmental or safety reason to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.… President Obama should approve the pipeline permit in the best interest of the United States.”  — TransCanada pipeline permit should be issued soon, March 18, 2013

“The Keystone XL pipeline will create jobs during construction, assist our Canadian allies, help move North Dakota crude oil to those Southern refineries and support a well-reasoned national energy policy. Again, the president should approve the Keystone XL pipeline.”Open the door for Keystone XL, March 5, 2013

“(I)t seems to us that we have finally reached the ‘enough already’ moment in this debate… Rather than encourage more study, President Barack Obama should now prod the State Department to move as fast as possible to approve the pipeline and get this overblown and needlessly divisive controversy off the nation’s agenda.”Approve Keystone Now, April 29, 2013

“So, all that’s left for President Obama now is to approve the pipeline and get out of the way of economic progress and U.S. energy independence, or further confirm the widespread suspicion that he wants to promote alternative energy by sabotaging the oil industry. The clock is ticking…”No more excuses for delaying Keystone pipeline, March 10, 2013

“It’s time to approve, at long last, this pipeline. And to let the North American energy industry make the most of the opportunity afforded by the mining of shale-oil deposits and the expanded use of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, to produce natural gas and oil. Allow America to draw on its bounty. The economy will benefit. The nation will be more secure and successful. And Americans will go to work.”Energy security and American jobs, March 29, 2013

“Stopping the pipeline will not stop oil drilling or consumption, however. That is a conclusion of the U.S. State Department’s new report on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would carry crude oil from western Canada to U.S. refineries on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. This conclusion will make it harder for the Obama administration to block the project, especially since Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman gave his OK once the pipeline route was shifted to avoid Nebraska’s Sandhills region and the Ogallala Aquifer.”Blocking Keystone pipeline won’t end oil drilling, March 4, 2014

“The Keystone XL Pipeline, carrying Canadian crude oil from Alberta to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico could be a significant piece of America’s drive to break its dependence on oil from unsavory places. That alone is a powerful incentive for approving the project.”Build the Keystone Pipeline, January 31, 2013

“Helping our friendly neighbor to the north increase oil production is in our security interests and, as an economic plus, the oil would be refined in Gulf states, boosting jobs there. We believe the increased efficiencies and economic benefits that the pipeline will create will benefit Montana and the rest of the nation.”XL Pipeline will boost Montana and the nation, March 23, 2013

“President Obama has run out of reasons to block expansion of the Keystone XL Pipeline. With the sign-off by Nebraska’s governor on a new route for the pipeline that avoids environmentally sensitive areas in the Cornhusker state, the president should give the project the green light.”Let the Keystone XL Pipeline be built, January 28, 2013

“‘The Keystone XL pipeline will create tens of thousands of jobs on both sides of the border,’ said Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver. Not to mention raising badly needed tax revenue, both at the state and federal level. The best part is that this is a privately funded project, unlike such boondoggle government ‘investments’ like Solyndra…”State: No Environmental Reason To Delay Keystone XL, March 4, 2013

“Obama should allow the pipeline to proceed. He needs to worry more about the millions of Americans it would benefit…”Obama should allow Keystone XL pipeline, February 24, 2013

“One by one the Obama administration’s objections to the $7 billion project, which would carry 800,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Canada’s tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast, have been met.”One less excuse not to build Keystone XL pipeline, January 24, 2013

“On March 1, the State Department released its supplemental EIS. It is now conducting the 45-day public comment portion of this laborious and time-consuming process. Once this chapter of the Keystone XL pipeline saga has ended, Obama should finally close the book on it. He should go ahead and sign the permit.” Obama, approve Keystone, March 26, 2013

“(R)egarding the Keystone pipeline, the administration should face down critics of the project, ensure that environmental standards are met and then approve it. As Nature has suggested before, the pipeline is not going to determine whether the Canadian tar sands are developed or not.”Change for good, January 23, 2013

“Doing the right thing on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline became easier for President Barack Obama Friday when the latest study concluded it would do little environmental damage. He should green-light the massive construction project.”For jobs and economy, build the Keystone pipeline, March 4, 2013

“President Obama has no grounds for further delay. The project has been proposed, studied and debated. The routing has been changed to avoid environmentally sensitive areas. Keystone would expand U.S. access to the third-largest oil reserves in the world. It would bring oil to this country from a neighbor who is a friend and an ally. The meter is running. It’s past time for this project to get a green light.”Long past time to give Keystone XL project the green light, February 24, 2013

“Federal approval still is needed and should be granted. The United States benefits from a steady supply of crude oil from our northern neighbor, Canada. A recent study suggested that Nebraska could get $1.8 billion in economic benefits if the pipeline were built.”Nebraska’s voice on Keystone XL pipeline is heard, January 23, 2013

“The pipeline from Western Canada to the Gulf of Mexico would provide jobs, and oil, would give us fuel from a friend instead of from a foe, would very likely lower the cost of gasoline at the pump. There’s an awful lot to like there.”Keystone pipeline protesters offering no alternative, February, 21, 2013

“Besides the fact that there is clearly not an adverse environmental consequence to having the pipeline, there are also positive economic results if the pipeline is initiated. It’s estimated that 20,000 well-paying jobs will be created as a result. That’s one key reason that unions, which are traditionally huge supporters of the Democrats, are firmly behind the Keystone XL pipeline.”OK the Keystone pipeline, March 8, 2013

“But killing this pipeline would achieve nothing. It would deprive America of jobs at a time when the need is pressing. It would tremendously aggravate one of our closest allies and our biggest trading partner. And it would damage our efforts to wean our dependence on unstable or hostile regimes.”Keystone critics misfire on climate charge, February 20, 2013

“The tar sands crude will find its way to refineries and that work can create jobs at U.S. refineries and spin-off jobs. The pipeline expansion also will create a more cost-efficient method for moving oil from fields in Montana and western North Dakota to U.S. refineries. … It’s time to approve the project and increase the flow of crude to U.S. Refineries.”Keystone extension should get OK soon, April 28, 2013

“Regardless of whether the U.S. permits the pipeline, as long as the price of oil remains high enough to make a profit, oil will be produced from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada… It’s time for the president to allow the $3.3 billion project to proceed.” Reason enough for a pipeline, March 11, 2013

“If the Alberta oil doesn’t flow south to America via the Keystone XL, it will flow west to China via other pipelines or rail. … The larger issue is whether the U.S. wants to continue to be considered a serious economic nation with rising living standards and a modern energy supply. If Mr. Obama turns down Keystone XL, the Chinese will be laughing at us as they buy Canadian oil and build their economic power…”No More Keystone Excuses, March 3, 2013

“The issue is coming back, and the president has even less reason to nix the project than he did last time. After years of federal review, there was little question last year that construction of the pipeline… should proceed.”Keystone XL is coming back, January 23, 2013

“Reducing our dependence on the Middle East while simultaneously reducing our unemployment problem ought to be a no-brainer. … By signing off on Keystone XL, Mr. Obama would bolster his lagging credibility in claiming to pursue an ‘all of the above’ national energy policy.”Keystone XL deja vu, January 29, 2013

“The plan is to pump about 700,000 barrels of Canadian oil a day to U.S. refineries. Obviously, that would have a substantial effect on prices Americans pay for gasoline – as well as our national security. Every barrel of oil we buy from Canada is one less we have to import from Venezuela or the Middle East. It’s construction would provide a much-needed employment spike. … (T)he pipeline makes too much sense.”Time for Obama to stop blocking Keystone pipeline, February 25, 2013

“(I)t is time to build the pipeline. Not only would it benefit North Dakota in creating a way to get oil from the Bakken to refineries in Texas, it would benefit the nation as a whole.”It is time to approve the Keystone Pipeline, March 16, 2013


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