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VIDEO: Rep. Bill Johnson Highlights Looming Obamacare Rate Shock in Ohio


Ohio Department of Insurance Announcement that Premiums Set to Increase 88% Echoes Findings of Committee Rate Shock Report

Last evening, Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) appeared On the Record with Greta Van Susteren to discuss recent reports chronicling the looming rate shock that is set to hit Ohio when Obamacare kicks in. The Ohio Department of Insurance predicted premiums are going to jump 88 percent in the individual market from $233 per month to $420. Unfortunately, the news is not unexpected as Johnson noted, “this comes right off the trail of a report that was released by the Energy and Commerce Committee, where I serve in Washington, that says that healthcare premiums are going to go up all across the country – in some places by as much as 400 percent.” The Ohio rates are just the latest reminder of President Obama’s broken promise to Americans that under Obamacare “your premiums will go down.”

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