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VIDEO: Rep. Fred Upton to Newsmax – Obama Must OK Keystone Pipeline


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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 05:53 PM
By: Jim Meyers and John Bachman

Rep. Fred Upton, influential chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, tells Newsmax that the “question of the day” is why the Obama administration still hasn’t approved construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The Michigan Republican also says the pipeline would be a major step in creating an “energy independent North America.” …

But President Obama rejected an application for the pipeline in January 2012, largely over environmental concerns in Nebraska. Now Nebraska has approved a new route across the state, easing some of the fears of environmentalists.

Asked if he is seeing any signs that the White House might now approve the new route, Rep. Upton — first elected in 1986 — tells Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview on Wednesday: “We haven’t yet.

“[Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton said some time ago they thought they had all the information to be able to make a decision, thought they would be able to make it certainly well before the end of last year. …

“You’ll remember that it was about a year ago that the president in a national address said he would do whatever it takes to create American jobs. This is 20,000 new American jobs. And for the Canadians, they’re going to be producing the oil from the oil sands no matter what. They’re going to build a pipeline west to Vancouver and then off to China” if the United States doesn’t approve the pipeline.

“If this pipeline is stopped coming through the plains states, there’s actually some discussion about building a pipeline all the way east through Canada to the Atlantic and then putting it on a boat and shipping it to the refineries down in New Orleans and Texas that way, adding to the cost of fuel.

“It’s safer to send it in a pipeline. Canada is our friend. They’re trying to help us. We shouldn’t be turning our back on that friendship. We know for a fact that the Chinese are all over the place up in Alberta. They would love for the United States to say no. We have more than a million miles of pipelines already across the United States. A lot of them already cross into Canada. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be built here.” …

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