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Committee Members Seek Answers on Jaczko's Governing Practices


WASHINGTON, DC – Continuing their investigation into the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s management, members of the Energy and Commerce Committee sent NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko a letter yesterday seeking information related to the NRC’s governance, including the chairman’s role as principal executive officer.

“As part of this inquiry, we seek information relating to the development of policies established by the Commission to govern the actions of the Chairman and Commissioners.  We also seek information relating to any guidelines and procedures the Chairman may have for the execution of responsibilities reserved for the Chairman in the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 and the Reorganization Plan No.1 of 1980, as codified,” wrote the members.

Included in the letter is a request for a detailed timeline for the development of the Commission’s revised Internal Commission Procedures, which are the foundation for the efficient function of the Commission. Under the Reorganization Plan of 1980, the Chairman “shall be governed by the general policies of the Commission”  However, in their October 13, 2011 letter to White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, the four commissioners cited the Chairman’s “open disdain for the Internal Commission Procedures”

In his December 7, 2011, letter to Mr. Daley, Chairman Jaczko attributed the conflict with his fellow commissioners to their “confusion over differences between the roles and responsibilities of the NRC Chairman and Commissioners” and cited an NRC Inspector General Report from 1999. However, the Commission’s response to that IG report was drafted by then-Chairman Richard Meserve who cited the Commission’s revision of Internal Commission Procedures as addressing the issues raised by the IG. Understanding the development of the Internal Commission Procedures revisions will provide necessary insight into the current governance struggles of the Commission.

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Press Release