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House Leadership Commends Repeal of Sebelius Slush Fund


Majority Leader Eric Cantor
“These funds could be used to continue wasteful and duplicative programs that fail to actually improve health care for Americans. By repealing this fund, we ensure that public health programs of highest priority will continue to be supported by Congress.”

Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling
“Eliminating this taxpayer-funded slush fund is one piece of this crucial fight for real health care reform that respects the right of individual Americans to make their own health care decisions. This kind of spending cut helps place America on a new fiscal trajectory that encourages job creation and rescues future generations from national bankruptcy.”

Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price
“Under ObamaCare, the Secretary of Health and Human Services gains a troubling amount of authority over America’s health care system and the taxpayer dollars to carry out that authority. That includes a $17 billion slush fund for the Secretary to spend at her discretion.  In other words, another unelected bureaucrat is in control of billions of tax dollars with little to no required oversight by Congress.  Good governing demands that we return the power of the purse to Congress where it is intended.”


Press Release