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Senator Reid, What About Yucca Mountain?



 “The problem we’ve had in the past with energy issues” overall, Reid said, is that Republicans “don’t want to get anything done.” 

Harry Reid to reporters on conference call, as reported by POLITICO Pro, June 6, 2012


Overwhelming Bipartisan Majority Votes 326 to 81 to
Boost Funding for Yucca Mountain License Review

98 House Democrats support Shimkus amendment to add $10 million in additional funding to allow the NRC to resume its review of the Yucca license application.

It’s well past time for the Senate and the president to put politics aside and cooperate with the bipartisan efforts in the House so that license review may proceed, ensuring the billions of taxpayer dollars and nearly three decades of research is not wasted. Three quarters of the U.S. House voiced their support for the Yucca Mountain repository on Thursday. One Senator does not trump the will of the American people and the 326 Representatives who voted to move the Yucca project forward.

Shouldn’t we allow the science to determine the fate of Yucca Mountain? There is nothing for Harry Reid to fear letting the license review go forward, and completing an independent, technical review of Yucca. Let the science decide, not politics.

Yucca Mountain is a landmark energy initiative that three out of every four elected representatives to the House, Republicans and Democrats alike, want to get done to solidify our nuclear future. What about Yucca Mountain, Senator Reid?


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