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#SubEnergyPower Unanimously Approves Comprehensive Energy Bill


WASHINGTON, DC – The Subcommittee on Energy and Power today unanimously approved a draft of its long-awaited energy package, an effort to modernize our laws to reflect America’s energy abundance and take full advantage of our potential to be an energy superpower in the 21st century.

Today’s markup comes after weeks of bipartisan negotiations to put together the building blocks of a comprehensive energy bill that brings our nation’s energy policy out of the scarcity mindset of the 1970s and into the 21st century.  The bill that unanimously passed the subcommittee today is a positive first step in taking advantage of America’s energy potential and energy abundance.

The committee has held seven legislative hearings and received testimony from nine government witnesses, including the Secretary of Energy, and 38 private sector organizations and experts.  All of this feedback has gone into refining the comprehensive bill into four titles – modernizing energy infrastructure, 21st century workforce, energy security and diplomacy, and energy efficiency and accountability.

Energy and Power Subcommittee Chairman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) noted that though this is a good starting point, more work needs to be done. “We have a comprehensive bipartisan bill before us, but continuing discussions are necessary to allow for the right policies to be put in place.  The Committee Print discussed today is reflective of the accomplishments and compromises agreed upon at this stage. I would like to thank all those who contributed to this effort, especially Mr. Rush.” 

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) concluded, “I am proud to say that this is the first attempt to put together a broad bipartisan energy package in nearly a decade.  While a lot of work remains to be done, I am pleased that today’s draft starts on the right foot with broad bipartisan support. While it does not encompass the entire universe of issues on the table, staffs and Members will continue discussions over the next several weeks in order to advance a broader package when we return in September.  We must embrace our abundant energy resources so we can deliver the many benefits to folks in Michigan and across the country – affordable prices, greater security, and a boost to jobs and the economy.”


Press Release