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Upton Announces Key Staff Changes for Energy and Commerce Committee


WASHINGTON, DC – House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) today announced a series of staff changes for the committee, including welcoming a new Chief Counsel for the Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee after the departure of longtime aide Gib Mullan. The committee welcomes Paul Nagle as the incoming CMT Chief Counsel next week.

“Gib was a steady hand at the Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee whose policy expertise and legal acumen served me and the members of our committee well for the past three years,” said Upton. “Among his accomplishments, he helped to shepherd important reforms to improve implementation of our consumer product safety laws, and his long expertise in the auto industry provided particularly valuable insights to the committee. We wish Gib all the best as he returns to the CPSC.”

Regarding Nagle’s addition to the staff, Upton commented, “It is a great pleasure to welcome Paul Nagle to the committee, and particularly to have his leadership to help drive the important work of the Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee. Paul’s experience on a wide array of technology and consumer-focused issues make him well-positioned to advance our priorities for the subcommittee, from fostering a strong American manufacturing sector to standing at the hub of a national dialogue about consumer privacy and data security in the Internet age and much more. Subcommittee Chairman Terry and I are pleased to have Paul join the team.”

Upton today also announced the recent promotion of two of the committee’s staff members who are taking on additional leadership responsibilities. Sean Hayes has been named Deputy Chief Counsel for Oversight and Investigations and Charlotte Baker has been named Deputy Communications Director. Finally, Upton welcomed new staff who have joined the committee in recent weeks, including Josh Trent to the Health Subcommittee staff, John Ohly to the Oversight and Investigations team, Leighton Brown to the press team, and Graham Pittman to the front office.

“The staff are the lifeblood of congressional committees, and this is certainly true of the Energy and Commerce Committee where I and the other members are extraordinarily well served by a talented team. Sean’s work as an investigator has helped to uncover government waste and program mismanagement, and he has been particularly instrumental in exposing the flawed rollout of the health care law, from the waivers handed out in its earliest days to the looming cost increases and much more,” said Upton. “Charlotte’s work communicating about our energy, environment, and CMT initiatives have helped ensure a steady flow of information to the press and public, keeping the committee’s work open and transparent, and explaining in clear terms what we are accomplishing on behalf of the American people. The elevation of existing staff and the new members we are welcoming to the team will continue to keep the Energy and Commerce Committee at the forefront of congressional efforts to support job creation and economic growth, modernize government for the innovation era, and protect the American people and the state, local, and community initiatives that serve them well.”


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