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Upton & Pitts Comment on 2013 Medicare and Social Security Trustees Report


WASHINGTON, DC – House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Health Subcommittee Chairman Joe Pitts (R-PA) responded to today’s release of the 2013 Medicare and Social Security Trustees Report. The Trustees are forecasting that Medicare will go bankrupt in 2026 and Social Security will not be able to fully pay benefits in 2033. Energy and Commerce Republicans have put forward a series of measured, short-term steps to strengthen Medicare for America’s seniors.

Upton and Pitts released the following statement:

“The trustees’ call for urgency and the need for immediate reforms of the Medicare program is a sobering reminder that Congress and the president must work together to fix Medicare. Doing nothing is not an option. We hope this report serves as a wakeup call, getting all sides to collectively come to the table with reforms so we can begin the process of repairing the program our seniors depend on for their care.”


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