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Upton Statement on Payroll Tax Relief Agreement


WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), chairman of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee and a conferee appointed by Speaker Boehner to seek agreement on a year-long agreement to extend payroll tax relief and unemployment benefits, protect seniors’ access to physicians, and promote job creation initiatives, issued the following statement this evening:

“Working Americans need to know that Congress will not allow the payroll tax relief to expire as this year comes to an end. The last thing middle-class families need come January 1 is a higher tax bill, and it has always been our goal to reach the strongest agreement possible to protect those depending on this tax relief or relying on unemployment benefits while they try to get back to work. We know a year-long payroll tax cut will save the average working family $1,000, and both Republicans and Democrats agree that the ultimate goal in this shaky economy is to extend this policy for a full year. No one wants to punish the American people in our search for solutions, which is why both sides ultimately agreed to act now on a short-term agreement while we work to finish the job. I remain ready to get to work finding an agreement to extend these initiatives, support job growth, and ensure we do not add to our deficit.”

NOTE: The Senate has agreed to immediately appoint conferees to reach an agreement on a full-year payroll tax extension, and both the House and Senate are slated to approve legislation to provide a short-term extension of unemployment benefits and physician payment rates under Medicare, prevent a payroll tax increase on January 1, and protect small businesses from facing complicated new reporting burdens. For more information on key pro-jobs provisions in the House-passed Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, please click here.


Press Release