OPINION: Blackburn in U.S. News & World Report: A Threat to Affordable Medicine

April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

A Proposed FDA Rule Would Raise Costs and Confuse Patients 

By Rep. Marsha Blackburn 

Generic drugs saved Americans $1.2 trillion in pharmaceutical costs over the past 10 years, and $217 billion in 2012 alone. 84 percent of all prescriptions in the U.S. are filled with generic drugs. The success is due in large part because they have the same strength, dosage and active ingredients found in their brand counterparts, and yet they are more affordable.

The generic drug industry has successfully reduced the cost of health care for the past three decades, and yet at the request of the Obama Administration, the Food and Drug Administration has proposed to intervene and allow generic drug labels to differ from their brand counterparts. Disregarding the law in this way will create unwarranted confusion, raise patient safety concerns and threaten the system that has created thousands of affordable options for consumers.

The FDA has proposed allowing multiple therapeutically equivalent products with different safety-related labels to be on the market, which will naturally cause confusion among health care providers and patients. ...

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