Chairman Fred Upton Speaks with Megyn Kelly on Committee's Obamacare Oversight Hearing

E&C STUDIO: Bipartisan Voices to #FixSGR

Greg Walden questions federal contractors about testing before the Obamacare rollout

Chairman Upton Discusses Obamacare's Botched Rollout on CBS Evening News

E&C Studio Presents: Obamacare #RateShock

Chairman Upton Speaks In Support of H.J. Res. 73, Research for Lifesaving Cures

E&C Studio: Promoting Global Internet Freedom

Rep. Greg Walden Speaks in Favor of H.R. 2844, the FCC Consolidated Reporting Act

Rep. Scalise on Obamacare "Glitches"

Energy Excuses VS. Energy Solutions

Rep. Cassidy Urges Support for Energy Consumers Relief Act

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