Rep. Burgess Discusses Obamacare "Inconsistencies" on Fox News

Weekly Republican Address: Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI)

Rep. John Shimkus Urges Colleagues to Support DOTCOM Act

Rep. Murphy Featured on CNBC Squawk Box

A path to 21st century cures

Rep. Brett Guthrie Asks FCC Chairman Question from #AskWheeler Submission

Rep. John Shimkus appears on CNN's Situation Room

E&C Studio Presents: Obamacare #RateShock

Rep. Olson Questions Insurance Providers about Status of

Rep. Morgan Griffith Discusses Rising Health Care Premiums on Fox News' Neil Cavuto

E&C Studio: Promoting Global Internet Freedom

Upton Questions Regarding Role of Incentives in Advancing Treatments and Cures for Patients

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