Architecture of Abundance

The Architecture of Abundance is a broad new energy vision for America that seeks to replace outdated policies rooted in the old ideas of energy scarcity. It is a blueprint for a 21st century energy policy that will allow us to take full advantage of America’s rich energy resources in a safe and responsible way.

Building the Architecture of Abundance covers a broad range of issues that can be understood within five pillars:

Constructing these pillars will help unleash the benefits of America’s energy abundance – more jobs and economic growth, cheaper energy for American consumers and businesses, and increased energy security at home and abroad.

This page will serve as a clearinghouse for information about the committee’s efforts to construct the Architecture of Abundance. It contains examples of legislation the committee has already advanced to begin laying the foundation for a modern energy policy, and it will continue to be home to new ideas and news about America’s energy abundance.

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America’s Energy Abundance

Pillar I: Modernizing and Updating Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure

To keep pace with America’s growing energy supplies, we need to build a modern new infrastructure to connect these resources to those who need them. But federal tape and archaic permitting processes continue to block distribution projects like pipelines and transmission lines from being constructed in a timely and efficient manner. Reforms are needed to deliver benefits to consumers and maximize market-driven growth.

Legislative Accomplishments

H.R. 3, the Northern Route Approval Act

H.R. 3301, the North American Energy Infrastructure Act

H.R. 1900, the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act

Pillar II: Maintaining Diverse Electricity Generation

The U.S. has benefitted from decades of affordable and reliable electricity, which has served as a backbone for our competitive economy. Maintaining a diverse U.S. electricity portfolio is a vital component of any long-term energy strategy, and this need is becoming ever more critical as market and policy forces have shifted the nation’s generation mix. To help ensure consumers and businesses enjoy continued access to affordable and reliable electricity, we must encourage a true all-of-the-above approach to electricity production that takes advantage of all domestic energy resources and technologies.

Legislative Accomplishments

H.R. 3826, the Electricity Security and Affordability Act

H.R. 2218, the Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act

Pillar III: Permitting a New Manufacturing Renaissance into Existence

America’s growing supplies of affordable energy has helped spark a manufacturing renaissance, bringing jobs and investment back to American factories. But reforms are still needed for the U.S. to take full advantage of this industrial opportunity. Permitting uncertainty, unaccountable agencies, and legal challenges are holding back investment and development. The U.S. needs to update and modernize its federal permitting process for manufacturers and other energy-intensive industries to give investors the confidence to make multi-billion dollar, long-term investments in the U.S.

Legislative Accomplishments

H.R. 4795, the Promoting New Manufacturing Act

Pillar IV: Harnessing Energy Innovation and Commonsense Efficiencies

Just as innovation has helped us gain access to our energy abundance, that abundance is supporting innovation in energy use. A key policy goal is to encourage continued private sector innovation for cleaner, more efficient ways of producing and using energy. New factories and buildings should be as efficient as possible, and efficiency in government buildings and fleets can conserve resources while saving taxpayer dollars.

Legislative Accomplishments

H.R. 2126, the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act

H.R. 4092, the Streamlining Energy Efficiency for Schools Act of 2014

H.R. 4801, the Thermal Insulation Efficiency Improvement Act

H.R. 316, the Collinsville Hydroelectric Relicensing Bill

H.R. 267, the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act

Pillar V: Unleashing New Era of American Energy Diplomacy through Strategic Use of Domestic Energy Abundance

In this new era of energy abundance, the U.S. has an opportunity to use our energy as a diplomatic tool. Thanks to American innovation and new advancements in technology, we are now are able to produce enough supplies to take care of our domestic needs and still have supplies left to let our allies buy energy from us, rather than being held hostage to unstable regions of the world. It is time to revisit current laws to ensure they are not creating artificial barriers to the market and conduct oversight to ensure increased exports will indeed benefit rather than harm American consumers.

Legislative Accomplishments

H.R. 6, the Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act