President’s “Model for the Nation,” Massachusetts, Now Boasts City with Longest Wait to See a Doctor

January 30, 2014


“Proven Model” For Health Care Reform Leaves Patients Lucky Enough to Still Have a Doctor Waiting More Than a Month and a Half for Appointments

Much has been written about Americans losing their health care coverage or access to their doctors in the wake of the president’s health care law. But even for those Americans who still have a doctor, there is troubling news. Forbes reports, “Patients are waiting an average of 18 days to schedule an appointment for a doctor, according to a study of appointments for commonly used specialty physicians in 15 major U.S. cities. … The longest wait to see a doctor was in Boston where the average wait was 45.5 days to schedule an appointment with a family physician, dermatologist, cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon or obstetrician/gynecologist.”

In late October, as the health law was four weeks into its disastrous rollout, the president rushed to Boston to defend the new law from famed Faneuil Hall, delivering remarks in the state that served as Obamacare’s inspiration. The president boasted, “And it’s because you guys had a proven model that we built the Affordable Care Act on… Your law was the model for the nation’s law.”  Fast forward to today, and Boston now tops the nation in doctor wait times, averaging more than a month and a half on average for an appointment. And that is just for those who are lucky enough to find a doctor or keep their doctors – as the president promised.  But the problems between Americans and their doctors are not limited to just Massachusetts.

Ahead of President Obama’s visit to Nashville, Tennessee, WSMV reports that families are learning the hard way that their new health care coverage does not cover the doctors they have had, and liked. “Simpson says the new health care law is not working for her family and she says other families may be in the same situation. ‘Obamacare is not working. A lot of people that have the same issues we have and don’t know it yet, until they try to use it,’ she said.”

Fox 28 in Ohio adds, “There are growing concerns that Ohio medical facilities may no longer be able to use some insurance companies. This could mean families who have been going to the same trusted physician for generations may have to find a new doctor.”