H.R. 6 – 21st Century Cures Act

Approved by House

The pace of scientific advancement over the past two decades, including the mapping of the human genome, has been impressive, giving us a myriad of genetic clues about the underpinnings of disease. Translating these discoveries into new treatments for patients, however, has proven to be difficult. HR 6 accelerates the discovery, development and delivery of life saving and life improving therapies, and transforms the quest for faster cures by:

• Removing barriers to increased research collaboration.

• Measuring success and identifying diseases earlier through personalized medicine. 

• Modernizing clinical trials.

• Removing regulatory uncertainty for the development of new medical apps.

• Providing new incentives for the development of drugs for rare diseases.

• Helping the entire biomedical ecosystem coordinate more efficiently to find faster cures.

• Investing in 21st century science and next generation investigators.

• HR 6 helps keep and create jobs here at home.

• HR 6 reduces the deficit by over $500 million.

Health (114th Congress)