Meet the Chair

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is the Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and represents Washington’s Fifth Congressional District. She was appointed to the House Energy and Commerce Committee in 2010. In addition to her policy leadership on the Committee, Cathy also served in House Republican Leadership for 10 years as Vice Chair and Chair of the House Republican Conference.


Cathy grew up on an orchard and fruit stand in Kettle Falls, Washington, and learned the value of hard work helping her family run their small business. She saved and worked her way through school at McDonald’s and in a housekeeping job. She was the first person in her family to graduate from college. Cathy says, “It wasn’t the easiest or the most fun work but I’m so grateful for those experiences. I learned to appreciate the perseverance it takes to seize opportunities, earn a living, and achieve the American Dream.”

After college, Cathy’s first role in public service was as a staffer with Washington State Representative Bob Morton. When she was 24, Morton was appointed to fill an open seat in the State Senate. He encouraged her to consider his open seat in the House. Cathy worked to win the appointment and she committed herself to being the best representative that she could be. Later, she became Washington’s first female leader from either party in the state.

Cathy was elected to Congress in 2004. In her first term, she met and married her husband Brian Rodgers—a retired Naval commander. They have three children—Cole, Grace, and Brynn.

As a leader on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Cathy has led on policy solutions to bolster America’s all-the-above energy strategy, expand clean and renewable hydropower, bring more doctors to rural communities, support breakthrough medical research and cures, hold Big Tech accountable, protect free speech, and improve broadband in rural and suburban American communities. Before she was selected by her colleagues to lead the full Committee, Cathy was the Republican Leader for the Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee. As the Subcommittee Republican Leader, she led a member-driven agenda to beat China and ensure American leadership in emerging technologies —including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

Her mission as the Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee is to empower all members to lead on solutions so we win the future and restore hope in the American Dream.