Administration Acts to Move Beyond Troubled Navigator Program


WASHINGTON, DC – The administration today announced planned action to reduce funding to a program within the so-called ‘Affordable Care Act’ that has repeatedly fallen short of its purpose.

Obamacare’s data shows that many of their navigators have been paid handsomely, yet have not delivered in enrolling the number of patients they promised.

CMS’s bulletin states, “For the upcoming enrollment period, Navigator grantees will receive funding based on their ability to meet their enrollment goals during the previous year. For example, a grantee that achieved 100 percent of its enrollment goal for plan year 2017 will receive the same level of funding as last year, while a grantee that enrolled only 70 percent of its enrollment goal would receive 70 percent of its previous year funding level, a reduction of 30 percent. The new funding formula will ensure accountability within the Navigator program.”

Energy and Commerce’s Oversight Subcommittee has led the charge in examining this flawed program and its lackluster results. That work also examined security concerns within the Navigator program.