Combating the Opioid Crisis: Walters Examines Treatment and Recovery Homes


WASHINGTON, DC – Earlier this year, members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee spotlighted legislation to help combat the opioid crisis. The series explained just a handful of the 57 legislative solutions that the committee advanced earlier this year.

Today we revisit Rep. Mimi Walters’ (R-CA) video discussing H.R. 4684, the Ensuring Access to Quality Sober Living Act of 2017. In order to promote a safe environment for sustained recovery from substance use disorder, this bipartisan bill will authorize the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to develop, publish, and disseminate best practices for operating recovery housing.

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After a standalone vote on H.R. 4684, this legislation was incorporated into H.R. 6, the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act. H.R. 4684 passed the House by voice vote and H.R. 6 passed the House by a vote of 396-14.

“The cycle of addiction can be hard to break,” said Rep. Walters. “Those who seek treatment must have access to safe and qualified facilities that provide quality care and support.”

Combating the opioid crisis has long been a top priority at Energy and Commerce. Our current efforts have been moving forward on two tracks: advancing collaborative, bipartisan legislative solutions and continuing investigations into several key issues that have contributed to the crisis. Taken together, this is the most significant congressional effort against a single drug crisis in history. It is imperative that the Senate quickly follow suit, sending H.R. 6 to President Trump’s desk to become law.

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