Moments after President Boasts “Five Days Away from Finishing the Job,” Administration Delays October 1 Deadline For Small-Business Exchanges


How many “glitches” will it take for the administration to realize this law is not ready for prime time?

Another day, another delay. But that does not deter President Obama and administration officials from insisting that implementation of the health care law is on track. Today, just minutes after the president boasted that “we’re only five days away from finishing the job,” Politico reported, “The Obama administration is delaying another piece of Obamacare – this time postponing online enrollment in some of the small-business exchanges scheduled to open Oct. 1.” 

Just last week, when asked the yes-or-no question: “Will the enrollment process be ready October 1 of this year?” Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight Director Gary Cohen replied, “Consumers will be able to go online; they will be able to get a determination of what tax subsidies they are eligible for; they will be able to look at the plans that are available where they live; they will be able to see the premium net of subsidy that they would have to pay; and they will be able to choose a plan and get enrolled in coverage, beginning October 1.”

Not so. Just yesterday, the Washington Post revealed that the Washington, D.C., exchange announced it “will not be ready on Tuesday because of ‘a high error rate’ discovered during recent testing… ‘Why do they keep saying everything’s fine when things aren’t fine?’ said Robert Laszewski, an insurance industry consultant tracking the progress of the exchanges.”

Add these delays to the administration’s July 4th holiday delay of the employer mandate and income verification system, and it is painfully clear that this law is not ready for prime time. And the administration knows it. But rather than come clean with the American public, the president resorts to attacks, mocking those concerned with the law’s negative effects like its looming rate shock as “crazy.” Trying to protect families like the Mangiones in Kentucky, who just found out their current coverage is going to triple in cost because of the law is not crazy, it’s the right thing to do. As the president attacks, the rest of America is left to wonder: what’s next?



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