Road to the SELF DRIVE Act: 54-0


WASHINGTON, DC – This time last year, members of the Energy and Commerce Committee from both sides of the aisle came together to advance the SELF DRIVE Act by a unanimous 54-0 vote. It went on to pass the House by voice vote, but progress has stalled in the Senate.

The SELF DRIVE Act would enact the first federal framework for the safe development, testing, and deployment of self-driving cars, an arena where the U.S. stands at risk of losing ground to the rest of the world.

And don’t just take our word for it:

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Not only is it critical for the U.S. to keep investment and innovation here at home, this technology has the potential to make America’s roadways safer and save thousands of lives behind the wheel each year. With 37,000 lives lost on our roads annually in traditional cars, it’s no wonder the Energy and Commerce Committee found a bipartisan solution for this safety legislation one year ago today. The longer the Senate sits on self-driving car legislation, the longer this technology is left on the sidelines.

Importantly, the SELF DRIVE Act provides the safety framework and government oversight to ensure self-driving cars are as safe or safer than cars currently on the road. It achieves this without interrupting states’ abilities to keep their citizens safe.

The bill simply makes the self-driving car safety framework consistent with the rules of the road today – where states continue to regulate traffic laws, law enforcement, licensing, among others, and the federal government continues to regulate the design, construction, and performance of the vehicle. Ensuring states and the federal government have clearly defined roles will enhance safety across state lines for everybody on the road.

The Senate needs to act so the U.S. can lead the world in self-driving technology and safety innovation.

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