Road to the SELF DRIVE Act: #SubDCCP Hearing


WASHINGTON, DC — Today, we mark one year since the Subcommittee on Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection held its first hearing on self-driving car legislation, the proposals that would soon turn into the SELF DRIVE Act. This hearing, the product of hundreds of meetings with stakeholders, tech companies, automakers, and safety and disability advocates, brought us one step closer to unanimous passage from #SubDCCP, the full committee, and the entire House of Representatives.

A year ago today, #SubDCCP Chairman Bob Latta (R-OH) kicked off a hearing on first-of-their-kind legislative proposals for self-diving cars

But progress has stalled in the Senate, and that’s unacceptable for two important reasons:

  • SAFETY: The longer the Senate sits on self-driving legislation, the longer Americans miss out on critical safety innovation. Self-driving cars have the potential to save thousands of lives, yet without action, the status quo of over 37,000 Americans dying each year in traditional car accidents continues. Inaction also delays the necessary federal safety framework to ensure the safe development and deployment of this technology on our roadways.
  • AMERICAN LEADERSHIP: Without federal policy, we risk developing an inconsistent state-by-state patchwork that creates uncertainty for innovators and investors, lending our competitive edge to countries including China, Germany, and Singapore, among others, that have already enacted national legislation. To remain a global leader in this space, the Senate must act.

One year ago, bipartisan members of our subcommittee came together for a productive discussion on first-of-its-kind self-driving legislation. The subcommittee was able to chart a path forward and stick to it. We remain ready to work with our Senate colleagues and urge them to work through their issues and make progress.

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