Song Requests for Willie Nelson and Neil Young Keystone XL Concert


Ten Songs We Hope Willie Nelson and Neil Young Play at their Keystone XL Concert and Who They Could Dedicate Them To

Willie Nelson and Neil Young are headed to the Nebraska Sandhills next month to perform at concert raising awareness of the Keystone XL pipeline. In honor of the event, the Consumer Energy Alliance last week released a “playlist of songs for the artists to perform based on some of their greatest hits, but this time with a Keystone XL Pipeline twist.” Although Nelson and Young did not intend their concert to build support for the project, a quick look at their catalog shows song titles that could easily speak to the benefits Keystone XL offers and the challenges the project faces. Energy and Commerce Committee leader Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE), author of the Northern Route Approval Act (H.R. 3), compiled his own top-ten list of Nelson’s and Young’s greatest hits and explains to whom the songs should be dedicated.

10.Funny How Time Slips Away” (Willie Nelson). But what’s not so funny is the time that has slipped away since the Keystone XL application was first submitted over 2,168 days (and counting) ago.

9. Helpless” (Neil Young). There are tens of thousands of jobs that could be created if the president were to approve the permit to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. These workers are sitting on the sidelines, helpless until President Obama signs the permit for them to go to work.

8. Why Do I Have to Choose?” (Willie Nelson). This song is dedicated to President Obama who is having trouble choosing between appeasing the anti-energy activists and supporting the thousands of union workers who are depending on the pipeline for a job.

7.Walk On” (Neil Young). Neil Young concludes this musical hit with the words, “But sooner or later, it all gets real.”  Well, sooner rather than later, the American economy will feel the real effects of not building the Keystone XL Pipeline.  

6.A Moment Isn’t Very Long” (Willie Nelson). True, a moment isn’t very long, but the wait for this pipeline certainly is. The American people have waited almost six years for the president to make a decision, making this an awfully long moment in history.

5. The Scientist” (Willie Nelson). This song is dedicated to all of the scientists who have studied the pipeline and created over 22,000 pages of reviews that say the Keystone XL Pipeline will produce no significant impact on climate change. A special mention goes to the team of scientists at the State Department who wrote the Final Environmental Impact Statement that said without building the Keystone XL Pipeline we would see an increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 28-42%.

4.For What Its Worth” (Neil Young).  Speaking of the State Department’s Final Environmental Impact Statement, it says the Keystone XL Pipeline is worth $2 billion in earnings throughout the United States; 17 out of 27 counties will see an increase in property tax revenues of at least 10 percent totaling approximately $55.6 million for local governments. This song goes out to the lost economic benefits caused by these needless delays.

3. Sitting There in Limbo” (Willie Nelson). After nearly six years, 22,000 pages of studies, and a definitive report that says Keystone XL will not have any significant impact on carbon emissions, this song is dedicated to the pipeline itself.

2. On the Road Again” (Willie Nelson). This song is dedicated to the carbon footprint left by anti-Keystone activists who drive from protest to protest all across the heartland.

1. Happy Birthday” (Willie Nelson and Neil Young).  While no, they haven’t previously recorded this track, it would only be appropriate after the six-year anniversary of the Keystone XL application on September 19th that these two stars sing a happy belated birthday in honor of this critical job-creating project.