Welcome to the New Energy and Commerce Committee Website


Energy and Commerce Press Staff

The Energy and Commerce Committee is committed to providing visitors with easy access to the most up to date information on the work of the committee in the 112th Congress; that’s why we’re thrilled to be launching this new website.

Take a look inside:

A new Subcommittee section aggregates all the information and resources about the committee’s work on pages organized by issue.  

The Hearings and Votes section of the website makes it easier to find comprehensive details about hearings and markups. Each event will continue to be housed on its own page, allowing users to read opening statements, review testimony, and watch archived video footage in a single location. Searching and sorting functions have been improved to help users quickly find specific events.

Our Committee Calendar provides the dates, times and location of hearings right on the homepage, along with easy access to live webcasts as hearings are happening: no more searching the site for upcoming events.

If you like something you’ve read or watched, share it. Everything on the committee’s site is now easier to share with your social networks.

At a glance, users can now see hot topics in our new Track the Trends section of the homepage. This is an easy way to find key issues moving through the committee and the full House of Representatives, and to connect with E&C members around the web.

And our Issues in Focus section on the homepage will allow visitors one-stop shopping for specialized E&C publications: Powering the Future on energy issues and The Exam Room on health care. In addition, visitors will be able to access content from Energy and Commerce Committee members as well as reports and analysis by the committee.

The Energy and Commerce Committee works each day to promote policies that will foster job creation and economic growth. This new website was designed to give members of the public and press easier access to information about our work and encourage regular interaction between the committee and the American people. Please visit the “Contact” page to offer comments and suggestions as we continually strive to improve our online office.