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#CuresIn4Words: Super Kaheem Saves DC!


5-Year-Old Battling Leukemia Has One Wish – To Help Others

WASHINGTON, DC – It’s not every day a superhero comes to town. But that’s exactly what happened on Friday.

Meet Kaheem – or Super Kaheem, as he’s known around town – a five-year-old boy from Owings Mills, Maryland. Kaheem has been battling leukemia, and is part of the Make-A-Wish program.

Super Kaheem received a special message from Speaker Ryan, while visiting his office on Friday. Watch a video from the Speaker’s Office HERE.

On Friday, Kaheem’s wish was fulfilled – to become a superhero and help people in need of assistance. Among the many important duties Super Kaheem took on last Friday, he joined the ranks of the U.S. Capitol Police and accepted a mission from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

“We’ve had presidents in this room, we’ve had even the Pope in this room, but never a superhero!,” said Speaker Ryan in his message, who then directed Super Kaheem to his next clue.

The clue led Super Kaheem to the Speaker’s Balcony, where we’re proud to report he completed his mission – finding the flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in his honor.

KAHEEM SAVES DC: 5-year-old’s superhero wish comes true

A Maryland 5-year-old who is battling leukemia had the time of his life on Friday, fighting on this day for good and reminding us all what really matters. Kaheem, who is now better known as ‘Super Kaheem’, spent a very special day battling the “bad guys” around the nation’s capital in a wish day that he– and the thousands of people who cheered him on along the way– won’t soon forget.

Kaheem’s wish was to be a superhero, and FOX 5 DC partnered with Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic to make it happen. With the help of many law enforcement agencies and generous supporters around the DC area, Kaheem’s wish came true– and the smile on his face was absolutely everything.

He started his day at the Bethesda Hyatt, where he was called upon by the Superhero Council to save DC from bad guys, a challenge he was happy to accept. Kaheem then hopped in a fire truck and hitched a ride to FOX 5, where he was transformed into a real superhero– Super Kaheem! Then, he drank a special potion to give him the superhero powers he needed to save the day. …

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