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ICYMI: Chairman Walden Talks Facebook on Bloomberg TV


“You have to have full disclosure in the conversation, whether that’s at a witness table before Congress or in an agreement with your customers.”

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WASHINGTON, DC – Following the news that Facebook entered data-sharing partnerships with Chinese companies, Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) joined Bloomberg TV to weigh in on the implications for consumers and Congress. Chairman Walden also reiterated his call for tech CEOs to testify before the committee.

“Silicon Valley would be well served by the CEOs, other than when they’re in a crisis situation like Facebook is now, to come and share with us in Congress what their strategies are, what their agreements are, what their recommendations are,” he said. “It’s why I’ve invited them to do that before my committee. So far, we don’t have any takers voluntarily, but we’d benefit from their presence.”

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