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Upton and DeGette, Morning Joe, and the #Path2Cures


Upton: “It’s about time that we change the process… and really move up to the 21st century…”

Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) this morning joined the Morning Joe team on MSNBC to discuss the bipartisan 21st Century Cures initiative. Their goal from the beginning has been to accelerate the pace of cures in America and bring our laws up to date with the incredible advances we have made in technology, health care, and innovation.

“It’s about time that we change the process for approving these drugs and devices and take advantage of the technology… and really move up to the 21st Century,” commented Upton. “We’ve been working for the last year, listening to all the different stakeholders… asking them what can we do as legislators to really streamline this process.”

“Disease doesn’t just hit Democrats or Republicans, it hits every family,” said DeGette. “And so that’s why Fred and I really decided to team up and make this big bipartisan effort… everybody’s happy about it…”

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Learn more about the 21st Century Cures initiative here. Follow along on Facebook and Twitter using #Path2Cures.


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