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VIDEO: Committee Members Discuss Errors, Glitches, and Delays that Defined Health Law’s Launch


“This law is not ready for prime time and it never will be.” – Rep. Renee Ellmers

Energy and Commerce Committee health care leaders Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D. (R-GA), Chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus, and Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), a registered nurse, took to the House floor Tuesday evening to mark the first day of the health law’s open enrollment. The rollout was marked by numerous errors, glitches, and delays across the country. Gingrey noted, “Obamacare was a bad law when it was signed three and a half years ago and now that we know what’s in it, I firmly believe it’s an even worse law today.” For months, Obama administration officials have insisted that everything was “on track,” but yesterday’s glitches make clear that the law simply is #NotReadyForPrimeTime.



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