Letter to Apple Requesting Additional Information on Throttling iPhone Processor Speeds


Excerpt: “In response to concerns over the belated disclosure of its performance-limiting software feature, Apple announced that it would offer battery replacements for out-of-warranty iPhones at a reduced cost and would be issuing an iOS update in early 2018 that will provide users with greater information on their iPhone’s battery performance. However, Apple has indicated to the Committee that, thus far, it is unable to ascertain whether it has taken the necessary steps to ensure that affected consumers will be able to obtain a replacement battery in a timely manner.  Apple has also indicated that it has yet to develop policies to protect consumers should it fail to develop alternative methods to prevent instantaneous iPhone shutdowns, other than limiting processor performance, by the time the term of its reduced-cost battery replacement program expires at the end of 2018.”

To read the letter online, click here.

To read Apple’s response to the committee’s letter, click here.