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Ahead of Vote, Job Creators and Stakeholders Voice Support for Energy Consumers Relief Act


Commonsense H.R. 1582 Will Ensure Full and Accurate Accounting of the Impacts of EPA’s Billion-Dollar Energy Rules on Jobs and the Economy

WASHINGTON, DC – The House of Representatives will begin debate today on H.R. 1582, the Energy Consumers Relief Act, a bill to help protect consumers from new billion-dollar energy regulations that could lead to higher energy prices and job losses. With a number of expensive new regulations already proposed or finalized by President Obama’s EPA, and more in the works, greater transparency and review of EPA’s actions are needed to protect our economy against destructive consequences. There are a range of major billion-dollar energy rules under development at EPA and expected to be finalized in the president’s second term, including costly new regulations for new and existing power plants and new standards that will increase the cost of gasoline.

Authored by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), H.R. 1582 stands up for American jobs and consumers by requiring that before EPA finalizes new energy-related rules estimated to cost more than $1 billion, the agency must submit a report to Congress detailing certain cost, benefit, energy price, and job impacts. A proposed billion-dollar energy rule would be prohibited if the Secretary of Energy determines, in consultation with other relevant agencies, that it would cause significant adverse effects to the economy.

The Energy and Commerce Committee approved this commonsense bill with bipartisan support, and over 30 organizations representing job creators across the country have voiced their support for the legislation. A sampling of what they had to say is below:

Americans for Prosperity

Your legislation would require federal regulators to investigate the costs and benefits of a proposed rule before it’s finalized, notably the effects on consumer energy prices and job losses. Major EPA regulations should not be made in haste, nor in secret; their economic impacts should be studied thoroughly and publicly before they become final.If the EPA has free rein in making rules, then American families and businesses will face higher electricity prices, lower energy reliability, and further job losses. Americans for Prosperity is proud to support H.R. 1582.” 

American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

“The Energy Consumer Relief Act is a common sense measure that would ensure energy costs and regulatory conflicts are given appropriate consideration in relation to future EPA regulations. Independent and thorough review by federal departments with expertise in energy and economic ramifications of regulations will serve as a check against EPA overstating or double counting benefits, while minimizing costs. Most important, by requiring a report to Congress, it will increase transparency and give policymakers and consumers alike the opportunity to better understand the tradeoffs between increased regulation and economic activity.”

American Petroleum Institute

“EPA continues to propose an onslaught of reckless and unnecessary regulations like Tier 3 rules for gasoline, first-ever regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and factories, and air quality standards tightened to or below background levels that could put upward pressure on energy costs and severely impact our economy.  President Obama has promised transparency from his administration and the American people deserve to receive a complete and accurate accounting of the impact of EPA actions on the economic recovery and their pocketbooks.”

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

ABC also supports the Energy Consumers Relief Act of 2013 (H.R. 1582), which would protect construction industry supply chains and preserve thousands of jobs that could otherwise be placed at risk as a result of EPA rules. … At this time of economic challenges, it is troubling that the Obama administration continues to pursue policies that threaten to impede job growth and burden vital industries.

Industrial Energy Consumers of America

“The EPA should not fear transparency of the economics of regulation – they should embrace it as part of their regulatory reform efforts. … The most fundamental element is transparency of the cost of regulation. In our view, EPA’s scorecard is very poor. The EPA provided leadership decades ago in reducing emissions; they now need to lead again by addressing the cost and transparency issues. This is a win-win and there are no losers.

Leading Job Creators

“The undersigned organizations, which represent virtually every major sector of the U.S. economy, support H.R. 1582, the ‘Energy Consumers Relief Act of 2013’. … [I]t is reasonable for Congress to provide assurances that the economic, energy and employment effects of major new regulations will be given proper consideration, and that adequate checks and balances are built into the regulatory process to ensure the economy is not being regulated back into recession. The Energy Consumers Relief Act will ensure that EPA rules are implemented only after carefully considering the full spectrum of potential impacts to energy prices and security, employment and the economy.” 

American Forest and Paper Association
American Foundry Society
American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers
Association of Washington Business
Automotive Recyclers Association
California Manufacturers & Technology Association
Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry
Foundry Association of Michigan
Indiana Cast Metals Association
Industrial Energy Consumers of America
Iowa Association of Business and Industry
Metals Service Center Institute
Mississippi Manufacturers Association
National Association of Manufacturers
National Mining Association
National Oilseed Processors Association
Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society
Ohio Cast Metals Association
Pennsylvania Foundry Association
Portland Cement Association
State Chamber of Oklahoma
Texas Cast Metals Association
Textile Rental Services Association
The Fertilizer Institute
Window and Door Manufacturers Association
Wisconsin Cast Metals Association
Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce

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