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Committee Works to Protect Taxpayer Dollars, Seeks Budget and Operations Information from FCC


Members Interested in Ensuring Adequate and Appropriate Commission Resources

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican members of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittees on Communications and Technology and Oversight and Investigations today wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler requesting detailed information regarding the commission’s budget and operating expenses. Members are seeking this information as they continue their work to protect taxpayer dollars as part of larger efforts to improve transparency and efficiency at the commission.

In the letter to FCC Chairman Wheeler, the committee members wrote, “In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever that agencies and the federal government are fiscally responsible and spend American citizens’ money wisely. The need to cut federal spending is not in dispute, and eradicating waste and promoting efficient and effective spending must be a priority. In our committee’s oversight role, we are looking at the operating budget of the FCC with a focus on expenditures designated as auction-related expenses, as well as employee distribution and compensation more generally.”

The letter was signed by full committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and the Republican members of the Subcommittees on Communications and Technology and Oversight and Investigations.

To read the committee’s letter, as well as a list of questions for Chairman Wheeler, click HERE


Press Release