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Dismal Enrollment Numbers Should Spur President Obama to Drop Attacks and Embrace the Keep Your Health Plan Act


Upton: “More than twice as many folks in Michigan have received cancellation notices than have even chosen a plan on”

WASHINGTON, DC – House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) responded to the Department of Health and Human Services’ release today of the health care law’s enrollment figures. The administration writes that “106,185 Americans have selected plans from the state and federal Marketplaces,” meaning that even fewer have completed the process, successfully purchasing and enrolling in health care plans. According to media reports, approximately five million Americans have received termination notices to date.

“To put these numbers into perspective, more than twice as many folks in Michigan have received cancellation notices than have even chosen a plan on Rather than improving access to affordable health care, the president’s health care law has now resulted in the termination of approximately five million Americans’ health plans. Simply put, nearly 50 times as many Americans are receiving cancellation notices than have even ‘selected’ a plan. These numbers should be a reality check for President Obama to reconsider his attacks on the Keep Your Health Plan Act,” said Chairman Upton. “No wonder the ‘most transparent administration in history’ has done everything in its power to withhold these numbers from the American people. Even the most creative math and framing cannot hide the disturbing failures of this law.”

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on Chairman Upton’s Keep Your Health Plan Act, H.R. 3350, on Friday. According to media reports, administration officials were lobbying House Democrats against the bill on Wednesday one day after Jay Carney “ripped” the legislation.



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