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“Dynamic Idea Factory” Preps Thoughtful Solutions for New Congress


Chairman Upton Releases Compilation Of GOP Solutions, New Material Includes In Depth Analysis of Our #NationOfBuilders

WASHINGTON, DC – House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) today released GOP Solutions: A Compilation of Policy Proposals from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The committee previously launched The Policy Paper Series to support its legislative work with policy development and analysis, combining historical review, data, and assessment of current policies to help make the case for creative new solutions to major public policy challenges. These papers, many of which are highlighted in the compilation, offer a foundation on which to build policy work in the coming years.

The policy paper notes, “Members have sought to develop thoughtful, durable policies that support job creation and economic growth, modernize government for the innovation era, and protect individuals, families, and civic initiatives. The committee is pursuing solutions that shrink the federal government’s footprint while improving its predictability and workability in those areas in which it remains. … Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee are offering a clear policy vision for America. Our members develop and promote new ideas, offering a platform for responsible governing.”

Upon release of the compilation, Chairman Upton commented, “There is never a shortage of thoughtful solutions – the Energy and Commerce Committee is a dynamic idea factory. And this sampling of policy solutions that spans across the board offers a blueprint for our work in the next Congress. Our record speaks for itself with over 50 bills signed into law. We work well in a bipartisan manner, we continue to develop innovative solutions, and we get results for the American people. But to borrow a slogan from my old boss, President Reagan, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’ We have a tremendous opportunity next Congress, and we will deliver.”

Included in the compilation is a new Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee report outlining the challenges and opportunities facing America’s manufacturing sector. As the subcommittee notes, “We are a nation of builders. When manufacturing thrives, the entire nation thrives.”

Among the policy papers included in the compilation are:

  • Building the Architecture of Abundance
  • Prosperity at Home and Strengthened Allies Abroad: A Global Perspective on Natural Gas Exports
  • A History Worth Repeating: The Alaska Pipeline and Its Lessons for Keystone XL
  • State and Federal Partnership to Manage Environmental Protection
  • Smart Regulation – The Role of Science in Managing Risk*
  • Our Nation of Builders: Manufacturing Policy for the Future*
  • The Medicaid Check Up: Reasons for Reform
  • Making Medicaid Work
  • Modernizing Medicare for the 21st Century
  • Responding to Seniors’ Needs and Improving Medicare Choices
  • Affordable Health Insurance Shouldn’t be an Oxymoron
  • Committee’s Investigation of Federal Programs Addressing Severe Mental Illness
  • Good Process Makes Good Policy: Reforming the FCC*
  • Making the Most of America’s Airwaves: Government Spectrum Policy*

* Denotes new content

Read the newly released GOP Solutions: A Compilation of Policy Proposals from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce HERE


PLEASE NOTE: These papers offer a foundation on which to build policy work in the coming years. It is not a complete set of all papers authored by the committee; readers interested in the full collection are encouraged to visit /issues/analysis for more.


Press Release