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#SubCommTech Examines Draft NTIA Reauthorization Bill



The Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, chaired by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), held a hearing today to discuss draft legislation to reauthorize the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).


#SubCommTech Chairman Blackburn said, “Make no mistake, the bill before us today is a rural broadband bill, and a very important one at that. Many of us hear over and over again about the desperate need to connect unserved Americans, and we are willing to invest toward that goal, but we must ensure good stewardship of those dollars. We know that without federal involvement, rural areas will continue to be left behind. So the best thing we can do to promote rural broadband is to help the federal government get its act together.” 



“I commend the Subcommittee on highlighting important issues in the draft, including improving location technology for emergency services, and streamlining and consolidating broadband support programs administered by various executive agencies into an Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth. In my testimony, I will focus on two issues that are particularly important to NTIA’s mission going forward: improving rural broadband access, including by expanding the availability of spectrum for commercial use, and ensuring the continued availability of Whois…” — The Honorable Michael D. Gallagher.

“Better, more comprehensive, and more centralized collection of data, and accurate data, and granular data, would be a massive, massive contribution to building important information and understanding of what is actually happening with regard to broadband.” – Ms. Joanne S. Hovis.

“All of the money that we’re putting into NTIA to drive broadband really needs to be thought of as seed capital. By having better information, we are going to more fully leverage the amount of money that comes from whatever variety of sources there are, the economic growth and the productivity gains that come from broadband being deployed in communities that don’t otherwise have access to it. That has to be kept in mind and focus as the objective for budgeting.”The Honorable John Kneuer. 


Today’s #SubCommTech hearing marks the 10th hearing so far this Congress on NTIA related issues, including a recent oversight hearing with Administrator David Redl.


The Majority Memorandum, witness testimony, and an archived webcast are available online HERE.  

Press Release