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Support Builds for Bipartisan H.R. 6 Ahead of House Vote


Job Creators, Manufacturers, and Consumer Groups Urge Congress to Say #Yes2Energy, Turn on Spigot of American Gas to Our Allies Abroad As We Continue to Reap Benefits Here at Home

WASHINGTON, DC – The House of Representatives will vote today on H.R. 6, the Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act, authored by Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO), which will expedite DOE’s approval of U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports. Currently 26 export applications are pending at DOE, and some have been languishing for over two years. Gardner, with help from Rep. Gene Greene (D-TX), has authored a solution to eliminate the unnecessary delays and get the gas flowing to our allies abroad. The need for increased U.S. LNG exports has received considerable support and attention as the crisis between Russia and Ukraine continues. In addition to boosting our domestic economy and creating thousands of American jobs, U.S. LNG exports could cause a dramatic geopolitical shift by weakening Russia’s influence and increasing global energy security.

Gardner’s effort to speed up LNG exports has received a wide range of support from stakeholders and job creators. Below is a sample of the growing support for H.R. 6:

Accelerate Colorado

“Accelerate Colorado believes that H.R. 6, if enacted into law, will not only open up additional economic opportunities for increased growth, but also help to sustain the local jobs created and local taxes generated of late by the gas industry.” 

American Petroleum Institute

“…America could harness tremendous employment and economic opportunities by exporting a portion of our abundant natural gas supplies, and it is time to harness that power. The United States is becoming an energy superpower. As a result, we now have enough natural gas to not only supply affordable energy here at home, but also to participate as a major supplier in the global market for liquefied natural gas (LNG).”

Americans for Tax Reform

“Not only does U.S. LNG safeguard domestic energy production and jobs, but it also provides nations all over the globe with a readily available, affordable, and dependable supply of natural gas. H.R. 6 is a great step in maximizing America’s energy potential and will help establish the nation as the premier supplier of natural gas.”

Bipartisan Policy Center

“Increased U.S. LNG exports could help to reduce both Russia’s regional dominance in European natural gas markets, as well as its ability to threaten its neighbors with potential natural gas price run-ups and supply disruptions.”

Center for Liquefied Natural Gas

“The Center for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG) applauds the House of Representative’s effort to bring regulatory certainty to the permitting process regarding LNG export applications by the Department of Energy (DOE). …With growing bipartisan and bicameral support, the right policies can be put in place so that our wealth of natural gas can benefit the American people, the U.S. Trade balance, U.S. Foreign policy and the energy security of our trading partners around the world, all without harming American consumers, businesses, or industries.”

Chamber of Commerce

“The United States is the largest producer of natural gas in the world and has a large and growing natural gas resource base. … Not impeding free trade of liquefied natural gas (LNG) would provide an economic boost across the economy and enable America to more fully capitalize on its incredible natural gas resource base.”

Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry

“The recent NERA report found that allowing overseas sales of LNG would further strengthen the natural gas industry and in particular, our nation’s economy. Moreover, the report also noted that for every one of the market scenarios examined, net economic benefits increased as LNG exports increased. These valuable benefits cannot be overlooked, especially during a time of positive, but fragile economic recovery.”

Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA)

“Therefore the members of the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA) urge strong, bipartisan support for the passage of H.R. 6. The additional natural gas production needed to meet the resulting new exports will create countless well-paying, permanent American jobs throughout the energy supply chain. There is no better time than now to act in the interest of American workers, businesses, and overall American economic growth.”

Gas Processors Association

“The domestic shale gas revolution in the United States has opened up opportunities that only a few short years ago seemed unattainable. … Over the long term, however, access to new markets abroad, in addition to those here at home, is necessary to ensure that the required level of investment in upstream development and midstream infrastructure continues.”

General Electric

“Exporting natural gas abroad will help U.S. balance of payments, create good paying American jobs, and provide significant tax revenue to our local, state, and federal governments.”

Heritage Action For America

“This is an important first step in removing DOE’s regulatory stranglehold and allowing energy producers to capture the vast economic potential that exporting would provide.” 

Jefferson County Commissioners

“Besides helping our allies, expediting permits for LNG export facilities currently before the Department of Energy and removing barriers to future permits will keep the U.S. competitive in the growing global market for clean-burning natural gas. We should not miss this rare opportunity, and by passing H.R. 6, we won’t.”

Let Freedom Ring

“This bill would respond to the urgent need to expand the exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for the benefit of the American worker in the current difficult economy and for our friends in Europe and elsewhere who are at the mercy of Russia and Iran for their energy. … Now is the time to take this simple step to create more American jobs and strengthen our national security.”

National Association of Manufacturers

“H.R. 6 would put the United States in compliance with its own internal obligations under the WTO, and would help bolster U.S. efforts to eliminate other countries’ export restrictions. … It would promote the development of infrastructure to allow the export of a product–a principle that manufacturers support.”

National Association of Royalty Owners Rockies Chapter

“Coloradans from all walks of life and all political affiliations understand that domestic energy production is the foundation for our quality of life and our state’s growing economy. But more than that, if additional LNG export terminals are approved, the U.S. will bring stability to the global energy marketplace and make it much harder for bullies like Russian President Vladimir Putin to suppress free nations like Ukraine.”

National Association of Waterfront Employers

“We believe expanding and expediting LNG export applications is consistent with the public interest by creating high quality jobs and supporting international commerce by opening additional markets for our abundant resources.”

National Taxpayers Union

“As consumers and taxpayers continue to suffer from the fallout of stubbornly high unemployment and a struggling economy, Congress should move forward to unleash the energy potential that could be the key to future prosperity.”

Natural Gas Supply Association

“The Natural Gas Supply Association fully supports efforts in the House to expedite the approval of liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the United States. As president Obama’s former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu said in 2012, ‘Exporting natural gas means wealth comes into the United States,’ and as former U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) stated in testimony before the House last year, ‘Expanded exports will improve the U.S. balance of trade, support local and regional economies, and increase the U.S. presence in global energy markets – and do so without harm to the environment or to U.S. consumers and businesses.’”

The 60 Plus Association

“Current permit processes have not kept up with these innovations, however, and do not serve our nation’s best interests. The Department of Energy’s slow applications processing for liquefied natural gas exports can now unnecessarily take decades for approval. This bill changes all that.”

Virginia Oil and Gas Association

“Given the ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe, it is clear that U.S. must take immediate steps to permit and enhance the exportation of U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG). … With the right policies in place, our energy resources can benefit the American people, U.S. foreign policy and the security of our allies around the world. Now, more than ever, the U.S. should not shy away from its re-emergence as a global energy leader; we should embrace it.”

Western Energy Alliance

“The strategic implications of America’s vast natural gas resources are obvious. We have the means to end Russia’s energy hegemony in Europe and to further strengthen our geopolitical power. Our allies in Europe and Asia are looking to the United States to help secure reliable, affordable energy that doesn’t leave them vulnerable to Russian aggression and influence. Yet the Administration continues to slow walk export applications because of an outdated law that hampers free trade in a strategic American commodity.” 

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