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Upton, Pitts Decry Administration’s Latest Cuts to Medicare Advantage Program


#BrokenPromise Alert 

Despite the President’s Promise, Millions of Seniors Stand to Lose Health Care Plans they Currently Have and Like

WASHINGTON, DC – House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders expressed disappointment following today’s announcement by the Department of Health and Human Services on additional cuts to the Medicare Advantage program. Chairman Upton last week joined the House Republican leadership in a letter to President Obama warning about the devastating effects of the health care law’s cuts to the Medicare Advantage program. Additionally, in December, the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, chaired by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA), held a hearing warning that these cuts would lead to more broken promises for America’s seniors.

“Seniors deserve better than to pay the price for the president’s many broken promises. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D are successful, popular, and deliver health care choices and peace of mind to millions of our nation’s most vulnerable seniors. Nevertheless, this administration is delivering a one-two punch to seniors, undercutting these programs to prop up its botched law,” commented Upton. “It is well past time for the president to finally work with Congress in giving certainty to the millions of folks in Michigan and across the country for whom these programs are vital lifelines.”

“Today’s news underscores the sad reality that there is no escaping the health care law’s broken promises,” commented Pitts. “The health law cut more than $300 billion from the popular Medicare Advantage program, potentially forcing hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries to find new health care plans, despite the president’s promise. The cuts announced today will only exacerbate the effect this will have on the health care of millions of our nation’s seniors, leaving them with higher costs and fewer choices. First and foremost, health care should provide peace of mind, yet the actions of this administration stand squarely in the way of any such assurances.”    

SCHEDULING NOTE: The Subcommittee on Health next week will examine the administration’s proposed changes to the Medicare Part D program and how they further threaten seniors’ access to quality, affordable health care choices.



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