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Upton Questions HHS Credibility After Release of Dubious Report on Costs


WASHINGTON, DC – Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) today raised serious questions about the credibility of the federal agency charged with implementing the massive new health care law after the release of a questionable new study that is inconsistent with other nonpartisan government analyses:

“Both the Congressional Budget Office and the Obama administration’s own CMS Actuary have made clear that health insurance premiums will rise under the new health care law. HHS is willfully ignoring data it does not like in order to paint a rosy picture of a law that is causing health care spending to increase.

“Today’s report follows on the heels of another questionable HHS analysis that identified anywhere from 50 to 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions – an astonishing swing of 79 million people whose health status HHS cannot identify, which diminishes any possible value such a report might have offered. The agency should consider spending more time on the quality of its scientific analysis and less time trying to talk the American public into supporting a law they have rejected. If this is the level of seriousness we see in their analysis of the law, one can only guess what is in store for its implementation.”


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